Top Technology Broadcast Reporter/Writer Previews the Consumer Electronics Everyone will be Talking About

After decades as a top tech guru on network TV and writing for several prestigious technology magazines, Paul Hochman has established himself as one of the most respected broadcast journalists specializing in technology coverage. Paul joins us live from the floor of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas giving viewers a sneak preview of some the hot new technology that will be hitting the market in the future. CES is where all the newest gadgets and gizmos are first introduced to the public. Hochman has made a career out of simplifying complex technology so that the average consumer can understand. Your viewers and listeners are going to love his insight and humor!

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SPOKESPERSON BACKGROUND: Paul Hochman is best known as America’s Technology Reporter. He is currently the founder of Humongous Media, Inc., which makes short-format video content that helps people understand and use complicated stuff. He demystifies consumer products, financial services, apps, accounting software, appliances, home automation gadgets, even cars. Hochman was also the former Gear and Technology Editor for the NBC TODAY Show. He was also the technology and culture reporter for Versus TV and the Tour de France; the host of an online technology talk show on MSN called “Playit4Ward” and has been a longtime technology contributor for CNBC and MSNBC. His articles in Fast Company Magazine were called a “Must Read” by the New York Times, establishing Paul one of the top tech journalist in the nation.

Courtesy: Samsung, Audio-Technica, LUCI

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