Clorox What Comes Next Project

A recent study found that clean matters and has the power to make a difference in peoples’ lives and communities. To showcase the transformative power of clean, Clorox is launching the What Comes Next Project which celebrates people who are supporting initiatives that use cleaning to set the stage for new possibilities.
Writer, Activist and Video Blogger Franchesca Ramsey is joined by some young adults who share their inspiring stories and how they identified an issue in their community and now are leading projects that make a lasting impact. Projects range from ensuring access to clean clothes, to restoring homes in the wake of a natural disaster, to cleaning animal shelters and the homes of the elderly. Learn how people in your community can submit their cleaning driven projects for consideration for a special grant from Clorox. You can visit to contribute to Clorox’s What Comes Next Project grant recipients and learn more about their projects.

THE LAUNDRY PROJECT: Providing free laundry services to the community
CLOTHES THE LOOP: Collecting lightly used clothing and making it feel fresh and new again
BRIDGING THE CLEANING GAP: Students organizing clean-up days for communities in need
WE WILM REBUILD: Helping victims of Hurricane Florence in Wilmington
Laredo Animal Protective Society: Providing a cleaner space for animals up for adoption