Artie 3000

Artie 3000, the first MENSA approved coding robot, is a STEAM learning device and fun toy all in one!

THE CREATIVE WAY TO LEARN CODING: Artie 3000 is the coding robot for kids where you design the code, and Artie 3000 draws the pictures! Whether it’s using the pre-programmed designs for beginners or starting from scratch, the limits are endless!

●       ARTIE IS MULTILINGUAL: Artie 3000 grows with kids, from an introduction to critical coding skills to advanced coding language learning. Designed for coders aged 7+, there are seven different ways to control Artie, including drag & drop, remote control, point & Click, Blockly, snap!, Python and JavaScript.

●       SAFE & SECURE WIFI! No internet connection is required with Artie 3000. A built-in WiFi server allows for a direct connection to any singular tablet, computer, or phone.

●       MENSA APPROVED! American Mensa named Artie 3000 an Honorary Mensa Member and partnered with Educational Insights to create coding activities and programs that spark curiosity in coding for kids of all learning levels.

●       WHAT’S INCLUDED? Artie 3000 robot, 4 washable markers, quick start guide, and activity cards. Artie also has pre-coded designs and advanced coding apps for kids to grow with.

●       Artie 3000 is available at for $69.99