Back to School with Andrew Krasny

The bell has rung and the school year is in full swing! Regardless of how organized and prepared you were for the first day of school, the stresses and strains at the start of a new academic year may still be lingering.

Whether you’re in need of additional school supplies or your morning and evening routine needs some tweaking, consumer expert, Andrew Krasny shares tips and tools to keep the school year running smoothly.

Some of Andrew’s tips will include:
• TAKE A LAST- MINUTE VACATION: Plan a last-minute weekend road trip to take the stress out of the start of the school year.
• STAY ORGANIZED: Make a to-do list at the beginning of the week and stay on it. That will help with weekly chores like laundry and food shopping.
• SHOP SALES: Back to school shopping doesn’t have to end when the bell rings. Think about deals to be had on school supplies, bedding and clothes after school is in session.
• SQUEEZE IN QUALITY TIME: Meals don’t always need to be at home. Think about alternative options for meal time like dining out when schedules get frantic.