Batteries Plus Bulbs Fall Car Care Month

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers the products and services you need to get your car in shape and ready for any upcoming fall or winter travel.

  • As we’re coming up on a cold weather season, it’s a good idea to make sure your car’s battery is in good shape
    • If you need a new battery, you can purchase one from Batteries Plus Bulbs
    • Plus, the store’s technicians will install it for you

  • Something else to think about is your car’s key fob
    • If your key fob isn’t working, technicians can quickly replace your battery
    • If you lost your fob or need a back-up, Batteries Plus Bulbs can program a new fob — often for half the price the dealership charges
    • Need a new key? Many Batteries Plus Bulbs stores cut keys too

  • Batteries Plus Bulbs also offers:
    • Windshield wipers

Prepare for any emergencies on the road by keeping a few flashlights, a power bank and a jump pack in your car — also available at Batteries Plus Bulbs!