Buck Off Diabetes!

For the millions of people living with diabetes, every day can be a series of ups and downs, but it doesn’t have to be – which is why Roche Diabetes Care, the makers of Accu-Chek® Guide, created the #BuckOffDiabetes campaign.
#BuckOffDiabetes represents a bold, new attitude for taking on diabetes and helps spread the word about how you can not only save a buck, but donate a buck to a good cause.
With the Accu-Chek® Guide SimplePay Program people with diabetes can save a few bucks by always paying the same low price for every test strip refill, so they can focus on their health and not the cost.
Roche Diabetes Care is asking everyone to get involved, whether they have diabetes or it affects someone they know and love, to join the movement by turning your hand into bull horns and sharing a photo on social media with #BuckOffDiabetes.
An eligible post will spark a donation to several diabetes-related organizations from Roche Diabetes Care to continue efforts toward improving the lives of people with diabetes.
Country singer and T1D, Ben Rue is traveling across the country to share the news about the campaign and encouraging everyone to get involved.

Learn more about how to save a buck, donate a buck and better manage your diabetes by bucking the trend at buckoffdiabetes.com.

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