Car Care Month with Courtney Hansen

According to a new national survey, most women put off any regular vehicle maintenance, instead relying on warning lights to prompt any action.

Auto expert Courtney Hansen, is urging other busy women and all drivers not to rely solely on indicator lights, but rather take a few minutes for National Car Care Month to perform the easy vehicle maintenance which will save money and hassles.

The Toyo Tires polls, conducted by Survey Monkey, found that when it comes to easy vehicle maintenance including tire pressure, fluids, and battery, 60% of women only take action from vehicle alerts instead of doing preemptive checks.

Courtney’s easy car maintenance tips for Spring:
• Got Air? Driving on underinflated tires put you at risk, and the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) doesn’t illuminate until tires are significantly underinflated.
• Battery Basics: A visual inspection of your battery for corrosion, cracking and swelling can eliminate surprise breakdowns .
• Windshield Watch: Poor visibility = unsafe driving. Make sure windshield wiper fluids are topped off.

Additional key survey findings:
• 72% incorrectly believe that a vehicle’s recommended tire pressure is printed on the tire sidewall
• 68% of women are “not likely” to perform regular visual maintenance checks on vehicle battery
• 51% of women “not likely” to check vehicle fluids unless prompted by warning light