Clean the World Recycling Campaign with Shawn Seipler

We have a special interview with Shawn Seipler, CEO of Clean the World, the world’s largest non-profit organization that collects discarded soap and shampoo from the hotel industry to help those in need. In fact, they have already distributed over 44 million bars of soap to the poor in 127 different countries and preventing the spread of illness. With an on-going relationship Clean the World works closely with the All Suites brands by Hilton for this joint effort to save millions of lives by recycling hotel soap and amenities that are then distributed to the poor to prevent hygiene-related deaths.

Seipler joins us to discuss this unique partnership with Hilton and share some important lessons about conservation including statistics from public polls. We’re proud to offer this timely interview celebrating a wonderful example of corporate social responsibility and the success of Clean the World!

Nearly 300,000 pounds diverted from landfills
80,000 pounds of plastic recycled
Almost 1 million bars of soap sent to children and families and need
Learn why supporting sustainable, responsible hotels can make a difference

ADDITIONAL INFO: The World Health Organization and World Bank promote hand washing with soap as the most efficient and cost-effective intervention to reduce diarrheal diseases. Globally, approximately 1.7 billion cases of diarrhea occur among children under 5 years old. According to UNICEF, since 2000, diarrhea deaths have fallen from 1.2 million children every year to 526,000 per year in 2015, that’s 57% decrease. Diarrhea is most deadly in the poorest places in the world with almost 60% of deaths due to diarrhea worldwide are attributed to unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene and sanitation.

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