Dating in the Digital World with Devyn Simone

Dating can be exhausting and meeting your mate can feel complicated. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Facebook Dating makes it easier to find love through what you like.

Matchmaker and dating expert Devyn Simone shares her top dating advice as well as where she sends her closest friends when they’re looking for love.

Some of Devyn’s dating tips include:

● Steady wins the race: Some days you’ll want to go on a ton of dates and other days you won’t want to go on any dates at all but it’s important to be consistent. Putting yourself out there and going on at least one date a week will help you get a better sense of what’s out there and an idea of the type of partner you want.
● Choose the right dating site for you: How do you decide which site to sign up for? Find one which lets you be authentic, creates groups to connect people with similar interests and has safety features built in.
● Once on the date, ditch the phone: These days, your phone can help get you the date, but once you’re out with someone, give them your full attention.
● Be honest: It’s important to be honest to your date about who you are, and your intentions. Being honest is one of the most important qualities that will make dating and relationships healthier, and happier.
● Check please: While there’s no set rule when it comes to who should pick up the tab on a first date, a good guiding principal is whoever does the asking out should be the one to pay.