Dr. Amen’s Feel Better Fast and Make It Last

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, a world-famous brain researcher, has a new book — FEEL BETTER FAST and MAKE IT LAST, Unlock Your Brain’s Healing Potential to Overcome to Overcome Negativity, Anxiety, Anger Stress and Trauma.

In the book readers will discover new, powerful brain-based strategies to quickly gain control over negative emotions, discovering joy and purpose for a lifetime. Amen writes that it’s normal to experience challenging emotions, but in our society, many turn to self-medicating behaviors, such as overeating, drugs, alcohol, or risky sexual behavior, while others spend excessive time on TV, video games, Internet surfing, or shopping.


Powerful brain-based strategies to gain control over negative emotions

A specific plan for improving emotional health

Why it’s possible to feel happier and more joyful—now and in the future

Strategies for gaining control over painful emotions and replacing them with sustain positive feelings