Fall Car Care with Courtney Hansen

October marks Fall Car Care Month and the ideal time for drivers to tackle a few basic vehicle maintenance tips BEFORE the weather changes that will save time, money and aggravation as the weather turns. From tires to wipers, there are several quick and easy checklist items drivers can take to prepare and help stay safe on the road.

According to a new SurveyMonkey survey by Toyo Tires, the majority of respondents report being more likely to organize and prep their wardrobe for the colder months than preparing their vehicle and performing routine seasonal vehicle maintenance.

Among key survey findings:
• 55% more likely to prep wardrobe than vehicle
• 60% think you can determine bald tires by sight
• Over 1/3 of respondents do nothing to prep their cars for fall and winter
• Over 1/3 of respondents don’t have emergency kit in their vehicle

Whether living in an area that gets battered by ice and snow or regions with only a small temperature shift, there are a few easy steps all drivers can take that will save headaches down the road and keep them safe. Automotive expert Courtney Hansen has easy tips to get your vehicle ready for the changing weather including:

• How’s that Tread? Checking your tire tread is quick and easy, and much easier to do when your fingers aren’t freezing.
• Changing Wiper Blades—You can’t drive if you can’t see! And don’t forget that fluid.
• Emergency Kit—Get the basics.