Financially Safe Summer Travel with Suzanne Kantra

Summer travel season is here, and it’s filled with road trips – weddings, college visits and relaxing get-aways. But, with credit card “skimming” on the rise, your viewers need to take precaution.

Trusted tech guru and mom, Suzanne Kantra of, has kept on top of this problem and has smart tips to offer your viewers on using tech they already have in their pocket to keep their credit card information and personal identity safe while traveling.

Tips include:

Be Watchful of Wifi – Viewers should take caution when using public WiFi networks. There are many risks and dangers associated with public WiFi networks, including connecting to a fake hotspot that belongs to a data thief.

Skip the Swipe – Viewers can consider paying for gas with their phone. Credit card skimmers like to exploit unattended payment devices such as remote ATMs and gas pumps. Use your smartphone with an app like Speedpass+ at Exxon and Mobil stations to tap and pay, instead of swiping your card.

Additional Tips and Triggers – Suzanne will share a variety of proactive steps to maintain privacy. These include using a hotel app to unlock your room (keys are too easy to lose), avoid public computers (a magnet for data thieves) and use ATMs inside of banks, to ensure more privacy.

Suzanne Kantra co-founded Techlicious LLC in 2009 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. For 19 years, Suzanne has been writing about some of the world’s most exciting and important technology issues. She served as the Technology Editor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, where she also hosted the radio show Living with Technology on Sirius Satellite Radio. Previously, she served as Technology Editor for Popular Science Magazine.

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