Holiday Entertaining with Parker Wallace

If you’re looking for the ingredients for a fantastic holiday party, then Parker Wallace, founder of “What’s on Parker’s Plate?” has you covered. Parker is also the author of a best-selling cookbook, Eat Rich, Stay Skinny: A Girls’ Guide to Holiday Feasting. The super chef has a guide for throwing great holiday celebrations with some new and innovative recipes.

Most people think of traditional foods for the holidays, which is great; but why not add a little flavor to your holiday table. JUST creates delicious, sustainable products that make it easier to eat well, while helping to create a better food system that is Just For All. Just Egg is perfect for scambling, omelets and creating delicious holiday recipes that everyone can enjoy. For holiday treats, their JUST Cookie Dough that can be eaten raw or baked up! Plant-based and Protein-packed, JUST Egg tastes and cooks just like a chicken egg. Made from mung beans, JUST Egg is free of cholesterol, dairy, gluten and artificial flavoring. Use it in place of conventional eggs for guest-friendly holiday cooking. For recipes or store locator head to

When you want to add a pop of flavor to your favorite holiday foods without fat or a lot of calories, reach for Rio Luna Organic Peppers. They’re available in your local grocery store and they come in four spicy and easy-to-use varieties: Diced Jalapenos, Nacho Sliced Jalapenos, Diced Green Chiles and Large Chopped Green Chiles. While these peppers are great for Crab Cakes, they work deliciously well with any other recipe like Jalapeno Brownies. You can find these recipes and more at Because Rio Luna Peppers are organic certified, non-GMO, fat free, cholesterol free, low calorie and kosher, you can add a pop of peppers without serving up unnecessary ingredients in all your favorite foods.

The holidays are a great time to add some flair to your creations. If you want to enhance the flavor of your cocktails, try ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters have been using the same secret recipe for nearly 200 years because it’s perfect. This Old Fashioned has whiskey, simple syrup, ice, and orange peel and cherry garnish, but the essential ingredient that marries all of these flavors are two dashes ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters. These bitters are so good for either a cocktail or a mocktail.
ANGOSTURA bitters aren’t just for drinks though. You can use them in food recipes too, like these Crostinis with Cheese and Orange Bitters Honey or Fiesta Meatballs with Ancho Dipping Sauce. ANGOSTURA bitters come in aromatic and orange varieties. For more information, visit