Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is where the latest high-tech products of the future are unveiled.
Well, prepare to be amazed!
One hot new brand at CES this year is LUCI – introducing two new wearables technology, that could change the way people consume entertainment.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two amazing products were unveiled — the new LUCI immersion-on-demand Virtual Reality Headsets.
LUCI immers and alyx by LUCI are one of the first Ultra-HD wearable technology that boasts the most immersive 3D and 4K entertainment experiences available.

Josh Littlefield, LUCI VP Global Sales & Marketing says “LUCI wants to fundamentally change how people consume content by giving users the most visually stunning experience possible through wearable technology. We want users to truly experience powerful, emotionally moving narratives, like nothing that has ever been available.”

“LUCI is committed to delivering moments of joyful disruptions that highlight the beauty of storytelling through content experiences on LUCI immers and alyx by LUCI.”

The LUCI immers is as portable and convenient as a pair of sunglasses.

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