Between work and kids and everything else going on these days – there’s no time to shop for clothes. That’s why MM.LaFleur is the easiest way to for us busy women to shop for work wear.

They’ve got professional, luxurious pieces that are also comfortable and practical. Many are machine washable so no expensive trips to the dry cleaners.

They have pockets that are perfect for a lipstick or anything else you want close at hand.

And, you can layer the pieces so you can get just a few things and create endless combinations. Perfect for saving time and money.

MM.LaFleur also just launched a brand new shoe collection. These luxurious shoes come in a variety of styles and heel heights — and are custom crafted in Italy. But along with being beautiful – they’re also super comfortable – flexing with your foot so you’re not dying to take off your shoes at the end of the day!

It’s so easy to get your ultimate work wardrobe. Head online to and sign up for the Bento Box. Answer a few questions about what you’re looking for and a stylist will hand-select items that will make it easy to get you ready and out the door in the morning. Plus there’s no commitment. It’s not a subscription service so just buy what you love and send the rest back.

It’s so easy to get great clothes, free shipping and the convenience to get it all on your schedule. Head on over to today!