Spring Savings Hacks from Ally Bank

With “spring cleaning” on a lot of people’s minds, Ally Bank offers these four budget and savings hacks to be more conscious of spending and saving for the year ahead and truly maximize savings:

1. See if better is out there – Nearly half of American adults say products and reviews are important in their buying decision but fewer than 25% have used online reviews when choosing a bank or financial services provider. When choosing a savings account, be sure to check rates and read reviews. Online banks, such as Ally Bank, consistently pay competitive rates 20 times the national average.

2. Be more aware of your finances – Take note of spending outside the normal budget of food, transportation, housing, utilities, etc. Try to eliminate one or two of those purchases each week and redirect the money to a savings account.

3. Be fee free – Take advantage of your bank’s bill paying tools and make sure you’re banking with an institution that doesn’t charge unnecessary fees, like monthly maintenance fees or charges for not carrying a minimum balance.

4. Unsubscribe – Recurring payments for streaming music and video services, online video games and other subscription-based services you no longer use or need all add up. Take stock of subscription services and eliminate something not used regularly.

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