Tips and Tricks To Preserve Your Food, Decrease Waste & Save Money!

Life moves fast and sometimes too fast for our refrigerators. Americans end up wasting 40% of food produced for consumption due to hectic schedules and improper storage. But never fear! There are ways to keep your food fresher longer – long enough to keep up with the craziness of life – and save money in the process!

Food waste expert and spokesperson for FoodSaver, Jonathan Bloom, shares his tips to help us fight and prevent food waste in our own homes just in time for World Food Day on Oct. 16, making the most of your weekly grocery hauls, while saving you money.

Among the topics Jonathan will discuss are:
* Tips to preventing food waste at home
* Tips for weekly meal prep, making Sunday’s cooking last the whole week
* How to make the most of your leftovers
* Storage and refrigeration tricks and tips
* How to get the whole family involved
* How to shop smarter, and properly plan when grocery shopping
* And more!

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