Summer Survival Guide with Valerie Greenberg

It’s the middle of the summer, but you’re starting to run out of steam. There’s still a few more weeks of summer vacation, so what’s a person to do? Celebrity Lifestyle Expert and Red Carpet host Valerie Greenberg has some timely tips for making the most of your summer. Learn some keys to summer survival and how to turn a busy lifestyle into some qualify family time.

Staying hydrated is one of the keys to being healthy and happy but, for lots of people, drinking enough water every day is a challenge. Made with only simple ingredients, True Lemon and True Lime provide refreshing, tasty options to flavor water and help you drink more water, deliciously; it’s my new favorite way to drink water. Only 10-calories a stick packet they’re perfect for on-the-go busy lifestyles. True Lemonades and Limeades are made with only simple and clean, non-GMO ingredients including citrus oils and juices from citrus fruits. They contain no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives so you can feel great about quenching your thirst and giving them to your family and come in nine delicious flavors. For more information, visit

Well for starters, I love using my PUR Advanced Faucet Filtration System! It’s certified to reduce 99 percent of lead and over 70 other contaminants, more than any other brand. Because of the long journey water takes through an aging infrastructure, the water we drink at home may contain unwanted contaminates including lead and pesticides. This is a bit alarming considering the many ways we use water from washing our fruits and veggies, to making soups and smoothies, to brewing coffee and tea. And let’s not forget the water we give our pets! The PUR Advanced Faucet Filtration System is easy to install, with no tools required, and starts around 35 dollars! It’s the superior solution for convenient, on demand filtered water. For more information, visit

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips are one of my favorite snack options for summer because they’re made with clean food ingredients and cooked in unique, better-for-you oils like Avocado, Rice Bran and Coconut oils. They are cooked in small batch kettles so they have a really hearty crunch and they are gluten free, Non-GMO and contain no trans-fat! The best thing about these chips are the incredible flavor varieties, including two of the newest flavors – Buffalo Ranch and Sweet Chipotle, both of which are made with Rice Bran Oil – they are delicious. For more information, visit

Well, I say bring on the backyard BBQs because I have found that embracing summer fun has never been easier with the simple, easy to follow SlimFast Plan. For over 40 years, SlimFast has been helping millions of Americans lose weight and keep it off. It allows you to enjoy the foods you love. Just replace any two meals with SlimFast shakes, bars or cookies, enjoy your favorite summer meal and three 100-calorie snacks in between. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! This convenient 7-day starter kit has everything you need for your first week! And if you have questions you can get exclusive access to the Registered Dietician and SlimFast Plan Consultant by texting “Summertime” to 44222. For more information, visit