TV in Your RV With Mark Schlereth

As summer travel season kicks into high gear, millions will set off on hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. And for the 9 million Americans who own an RV, this no longer means choosing between their summer adventures and their favorite TV shows or live sporting events.

With technology like DISH Outdoors portable satellite antennas, gone are the days of sacrificing the modern luxuries of your home entertainment experience for the freedom of the road.

With new technology, RVers and campers can watch live TV in HD anywhere their RV takes them without worrying about Wi-Fi signal strength or data caps. This on-the-road technology is also great for keeping up with live sports, enhancing the perfect tailgate, and gathering with friends and family under the stars for movie nights – all while doing the activities you love in the great outdoors.

Three-time Super Bowl Champion and broadcaster Mark Schlereth knows the importance of staying connected, even during summer getaways. He also appreciates a great tailgate experience, no matter the sport. Mark shares his tips about keeping everyone in the family happy while hitting the road this summer, even when “roughing it.”