Now—You Have A New Reason To Love Pumpkin In The Fall.
U-S Organic’s New U-S-D-A Certified Pumpkin Seed Oil!
Pumpkin Seed Oil!
You May Not Know This—But, Historically, Pumpkin Seeds Have Been Used Around The World For Healing Purposes.
It Keeps Your Skin And Hair Healthy All Season Long And Can Be Used For All Skin Types.
U-S Organic’s New Pumpkin Seed Oil Contains Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Vitamins A And C, Zinc, And Other Trace Vitamins And Minerals Which Help Rejuvenate The Skin And Repair Skin Cells.
And Since Pumpkin Seed Oil Has A High Level Of Anti-Inflammatory And Antibacterial Properties, It’s Effective For Treating Acne, Dry And Damaged Skin, And Dandruff.
It Even Helps Promote Hair Growth!
U-S Organic New Usda Certified Pumpkin Seed Oil Comes In 2-Ounce And 4-Ounce Bottles, And One-Gallon Sized Bottles Will Be Available Soon For All Of You Who Like To Diy With Beauty Products!
Order Yours Today At US-Organic.Com.


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