Priceline’s former founder Jay Walker shares why Upside is Better for Business Travelers

Despite $165 Billion spent annually on Business Travel, Small to mid-sized companies receive same level of customer service as college students on spring break. Additionally, the responsibly of researching and booking all travel arrangements falls on their shoulders. Known as “DIY (do-it-yourself) travelers, what happens when flights are delayed or cancelled, bad weather hits, stranding travelers for days even weeks? DIYers not only have to rebook everything but incur hefty change fees.

Jay Walker believes business travelers deserve better business trips, supported start-to-finish by the latest technology and what he calls 6-star customer service. Earlier this year, Walker and his team launched Upside, the new online service for business travelers.

Upside saves travelers from wasting hours shopping for the best options. The company sifts through 4 terabytes of airfare and hotel data every day to find the best deals that fit every itinerary.
Upside shows the business traveler the lowest prices, the best flight times, and most convenient hotels. And then the customer picks everything: the airline, hotel, rental car, even Uber. And, if the customer buys two or more things at the same time for a single package price, they save even more money.
Upside has invested in a 6-star “Navigator” customer service team that is on-call 24/7 for customers from the moment they start booking a trip to the time their trip is finished.

Upside is the only online travel service with a mobile app that features one-touch instant access to customer service agents prepared to help with trip changes, ground transportation, even restaurant recommendations in a new town.

Over 90% of Upside’s customers give the company a 4 or 5 out of 5 in customer satisfaction scores.

Employees from over 10,000 companies have booked trips through Upside. And half of Upside’s customers return within 60 days of their first trip to book another
Business travelers are 2 to 3 times more likely than leisure travelers to complain about issues with their itineraries, according to the 2017 ACSI Travel Report. The same study finds that, when their complaints are addressed, business travelers have the highest levels of satisfaction with their travel providers.

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