Financial Education Expert Sarah Ducich Explains Survey Results that Show a Snapshot of How Young Adults are Faring Financially!

The new Money Under 35 survey shows a financial picture for young adults, and shines a spotlight on the benefits of college completion. With all of the discussion about how young adults are faring in today’s economy, these findings are significant. You will learn about the benefits and the financial challenges of paying for a college education from Sarah Ducich, one of the nation’s leading experts on financing a college education. Money Under 35 also highlights the importance of college completion and the need for would-be graduates to ensure they understand the full cost of their degree program and potential future income, especially if they are taking out student loans.


FINANCIAL FREEDOM – The dollars and ‘sense’ of getting a college degree
Completers VS. non-Completers – interesting facts the study found
first-in-family – How are these students faring
The power of persistence – how young adults are reaching their goals
QUIZZICAL Findings – take the online quiz to identify your financial persona

Sarah Ducich is senior vice president of public policy for Navient, the nation’s largest student loan servicer. She is a principal author of the study on financial health of young adults, produced in partnership with the leading research firm Ipsos. She is also a mom to two daughters, a college sophomore and a recent college graduate. Prior to joining Navient, Ducich consulted on federal budget policy for several national firms and worked for the Senate Budget Committee and Office of Management and Budget.

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