Arthritis Foundation Live Yes! INSIGHTS

For more than 54 million Americans, living with arthritis is a daily, painful battle. It is the leading cause of disability in our country.

The Live Yes! INSIGHTS program is an ongoing scientific study where arthritis patients can share details about their disease with the Arthritis Foundation. By participating in the study, patients shape the agenda & drive new resources for the arthritis community.

For example, the Arthritis Foundation just released one of the nation’s largest studies on arthritis called A Mandate for Action and revealed that 100% of patients reported pain so significant it effects their day-to-day lives, causing a major lack of mobility, depression and anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Meanwhile, the data shows a gap between what patients need to live well and what is available to help them do so.

Your information can help the Arthritis Foundation cultivate their resources and agenda to address the needs of all those living with this disease.

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