Belk Spring Fashion with Emily L. Foley

Celebrity, lifestyle and beauty journalist Emily L. Foley has her eye on the styles that will be turning heads this year.

Discover what trends the stylists and A-list celebrities are loving this spring, like Modern Romance and Tonal Chic, and how Belk can help bring these styles to life in your own closet.

Emily explains why color is key (whether bold or pastel) and what curvy trends will be hot this year.

MODERN ROMANCE is the femme flirty trend of the season, from ruffles to lace and florals
ACCESSORIES that are modern, yet refined, from silk scarves and classic bags to layered necklaces
TONAL CHIC pairs monochromatic for a bold, eye-catching statement
PATTERN PLAY for mom and kids with self-expressive mix-and-match Crown and Ivy designs
NATURAL INSTINCT with natural neutrals for warm weather, including lightweight and classic dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and pants