Burt Ward & Gentle Giants Canine Cuisine

Burt Ward who starred as ROBIN on the classic TV series BATMAN still seen worldwide today and on the ME TV Network weekly can be seen in Hollywood at The Hollywood Museum, The Batman 66 Exhibit. This new exhibit has been extended thru the end of this year. In addition a new permanent exhibit, “THE WORLDS FINEST 5 SUPERHERO LEGENDS” at the Hollywood Museum in Hollywood will debut to the public in November. 5 SUPERHERO LEGENDS exhibit will feature BATMAN, ROBIN, BATGIRL, WONDER WOMAN and SUPERMAN WITH THE FACES OF ADAM WEST, BURT WARD, YVONNE CRAIG, LYNDA CARTER, AND CHRISTOPHER REEVE.

Burt went from being a Caped Crusader to Canine Crusader, he is teaching dog owners how to double the life of dogs and it’s all for charity.

Burt and his wife Tracy for the past 23 years has saved the lives of 16,000 dogs at their GENTLE GIANTS RESCUE in Norco CA., gentlegiantsdogfood.com

Gentle Giants Rescue is the world’s largest big dog rescue, many stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Vanessa Williams and America Ferrara, as do others adopt their dogs from Burt. Gentle Giants Rescue is a nonprofit. As a dog lover, Burt wanted to insure that his four legged friends were eating nutritious food. He did research and found that most dog foods contain more fat than protein. Burt then worked on a special blend of nutrients that could help the digestive and overall health of dogs. That’s how Gentle Giants Canine Cuisine was created. All of Burt’s personal pets as well as the dogs at Gentle Giants Dog Rescue are fed Gentle Giants Canine Cuisine. Gentle Giants is now available in all Walmart stores throughout Canada and the United States.
In fact, every sale of Gentle giant’s dog food goes to the rescue. Burt and his wife take no salary and make no money from the sales of dog food or from their rescue foundation.