Ceci Carmichael Party Plans with Cheese

It’s no surprise that because cheese makes every meal “grate” it makes a grand entrance at almost every party. And as summer parties take shape, why not use this time to add unique recipes that will elevate your party menu.

Food Network Chef and Lifestyle expert Ceci Carmichael is available to provide tips on how to elevate your summer soirées, making cheese the star. She has unique, mouth-watering recipes to add to your menu, summer entertaining tips, and will provide some fun facts about cheese’s unique history, straight from the “cheese state,” Wisconsin.

· It takes 10 pounds of milk to make just 1 pound of cheese.
· Wisconsin cheese wins more national and international cheese awards than any other state… or country!
· Wisconsin is the only U.S. state that requires a license to make cheese.
· Wisconsin produces over 600 cheese varieties, types and styles.