Celebrate Earth Day with Actress, Author and Environmentalist Annabelle Gurwitch

America’s Guru of Green Living & Former Host of Planet Green Networks WA$TED! Explains the Importance of Recycling & Earth Day

Earth Day 2018 may be more important this year than at any time in recent history. Each day we see extreme weather events and there is a movement away from ‘green’ regulation. The first Earth Day was 48 years ago, and now it’s a global event that involves more than a billion people. Just in time for Earth Day, actress, writer and activist Annabelle Gurwitch shares important information about environmentally-friendly products that are just hitting the market, including a national recycling program. Annabelle hopes to motivate occasional recyclers to become “everyday” recyclers and provide an example of what their recyclables become. You should also know that Annabelle was the former host of Planet Green’s original series, WA$TED!, a unique show in which she would go through someone’s trash and show all of the waste and potential for recycling.

· A look into what recycled food and beverage cartons are turned into
· How new technologies are making recycling easier than ever
· Why something as simple as a light bulb can make a big difference
· The impact climate change is having in our everyday lives

Courtesy: The Carton Council, SYLVANIA, Cool Effect

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