This week’s Coffee With America is all about you!  Getting you and your family healthy, prepared, and even helping you find some money– it’s all here.  America’s top consignment expert Linda Lightman shows you how you can find up to $3k in your home– selling unused items.  Plus, Fall is a perfect time to travel.  Parenting expert Jessica Hartshorn joins us from Disney to highlight what’s new at Disney World this season.  We are also talking about your health.  This week, Sasha Rionda and Ebony Steele have tips for expectant moms, and for those living with heart failure, and those desiring to conserve our precious water resources.  Also Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Liz Weiss shows you how to choose the right supplement, when food just isn’t enough.  Plus, Coffee With America is all about being practical and helping you with the things you use every day!  Leigh Gandhi with Facebook shows you how to get the most out of your news feed.  And, lifestyle expert Raina Seitel has tips to guide Moms through the busy fall season.  Oh yeah!  And, did we mention we’re celebrating National Coffee Day?  Join us for another fun-filled show!

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