Designing for the Senses with Bobby Berk

It’s no secret people like to update their home to reflect some of the latest styles. Whether tackling a full-scale renovation or simply refreshing your space, renowned designer Bobby Berk offers his trade secrets on what makes for a well-designed home.

Bobby talks about the latest trends in home design, tips for those looking to refresh their space, and how consumers can be inspired by the five senses to design the perfect haven.

Some of his tips using the senses include:
TOUCH: Textures are a simple and fun way to invigorate the sense of touch. Consider incorporating plush pillows on a leather couch or traditional rugs with sleek wood furniture. The juxtaposition of textures and styles will awaken your senses, while also pleasing the eye.
SIGHT: The sense of sense can be activated throughout all elements, including lighting, color, shapes, and architecture. Make color work for you – in everything from wallpaper and paint, to fabrics and fixtures, by experimenting with unique shades and combinations.
SOUND: To create a tranquil oasis, consider installing accessories that appease the ears. Whether it be as simple as wind chimes, or more complex with an indoor water fountain, there are many ways to promote a serene, focused environment.