Dispelling Myths about Dairy with Nutritionist Marie Spano

Healthy bones are critical to peak performance for professional athletes, and perhaps even more crucial for growing children. Healthy bone habits start early, and studies have shown that osteoporosis is a childhood disease with adulthood implications.

Marie Spano is here to dispel some of the common myths parents have about dairy products. The Dairy Alliance surveyed more than 1,000 parents to learn about their family’s milk, yogurt and cheese consumption habits. The survey revealed that more than half of parents (52%) didn’t know that bone health as an adult can be directly linked to calcium intake as a child.

Moreover, according to The Dairy Alliance survey:

* 53% of parents think non-dairy milks provide the same nutritional benefits for their family as cows’ milk

* 55% of parents believe eggs are dairy

* Nearly one third of respondents don’t know the nutritional breakdown in a glass of milk

Courtesy: The Dairy Alliance

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