Electrified Vehicles with KBB.com’s Rebecca Lindland

Electrified Vehicles: The Future of the Automotive Industry

KBB Executive Analyst shares insight on the growth of Electrified Vehicles – From What Consumers want to the benefits of owning one

The rising commitment to electrified vehicles (EV) from countries worldwide have put them on the fast track to changing the future of the automotive industry. In addition to the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, the convenience and benefits for the consumer are considerable as well. From fully electrified vehicles to plug-in hybrids, the options are rapidly growing.

Executive Analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com, Rebecca Lindland, discusses the future of the automotive world and how these electrified vehicles will be shaping the industry. Rebecca shares exclusive Kelley Blue Book survey results that showcase what Americans care about when shopping EV’s. She also discusses the benefits of a plug-in hybrids, like the all new Honda Clarity, and the flexibility they provide by allowing one to drive in zero-emissions EV mode or taping into a gasoline engine when you need it – and much more!

What Americans look for when shopping for EV’s:
Available federal tax credits and state rebates for plug-in hybrids
Cost savings with maintenance services like oil changes
Access to the HOV lane as a single driver
Preferred EV parking
Incentives to install a home EV charger
Public EV charger infrastructure is growing and is cost effective

For more information, please visit: claritypluginhybrid.honda.com

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