How to Survive the End of Summer Burnout!

Ah, Summer’s End…time to assess the damage, especially for your hair! Heat and sun damage, frizzy hair, dry scalp! After swimming turned your locks a lovely shade of aquamarine, how do you survive the end of summer burnout, while getting yourself back into shape for fall?

Celebrity hair stylist Jill Crosby comes to our rescue with tips and tools to get your hair (and scalp) back in shape. Jill has risen in the world of film, television and fashion as one of the most unique and inspired hairdressers around. Originally apprenticing in Chicago, Jill moved to California expanding her hair artistry into mixed media, wig making, feature films, print, special effects and television. Her extensive knowledge of wigs, extensions and unique hair pieces, have served her and her clients in many far reaching ways with a full cachet of different tools and mediums.

Jill has shared her talents with a variety of top Hollywood celebrities and world renewed musicians. Her editorial accomplishments include work in Bazaar, InStyle, GQ , Vogue and many other top fashion publications. And in 2017 she added an Emmy nomination to her resume. Jill’s work is an opportunity to bring art, fashion and the needs of the client together to evoke feeling and express emotion.

Among the topics Jill will discuss are:
• Getting your hair and scalp back in shape for Fall
• How to fix frizzy hair
• What to do when your hair is flat and lacks volume
• What to tell your hairstylist for best results
• Common questions a stylist hears
• And more!

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