Frozen Food Month with Chef James Briscione

To kick off National Frozen Food Month, Chef and Entertaining Expert James Briscione, shares why frozen foods are hot. He also has some ways he incorporates frozen foods into his own recipes to create an upscale dining experience.

There has been a 26% increase of total U.S grocery shoppers shopping in the frozen food aisle in the last year. With “perfect preservation” flash-freeze technology, frozen foods can safely hold nutritional value, freshness, and flavor minutes after harvesting. With 3,700 frozen options to choose from, everyone from novice cooks and parents to chefs and foodies can create their own impressive food experience.

Craving a bowl of ramen noodles? What about a breakfast flatbread to jumpstart your morning? Craving sweets without the guilt? Try non-dairy ice cream! Luckily for us, the frozen food aisle caters to a larger variety of cultures and dietary requirements than we may think. From vegan, organic, gluten-free, and antibiotic-free meals, the frozen food aisle has it all and more! As dining habits and demands continue to change, the frozen food aisle is quickly expanding to meet those needs.