The Guardians of Peace with Debbie Artt

Debbie Artt created the sci-fi adventure game video game The Guardians of Peace, franchise as a solution to provide children with a positive video game that promotes love and kindness.

She created the idea after reflecting on the dark forces that confront children in their daily lives. Debbie wanted to shift the violence that is impacting our children and communities and turn it into something positive.

Debbie hopes that The Guardians of Peace will provide a platform where parents can interact with their children through playing a game that leads to discussions about purpose, gratitude, love, and kindness.

Debbie and her daughter Jenna worked together to bring this idea to life. Debbie wants to express the importance of mental and physical health in children – it can ultimately save their life because not everyone will be able to get a second chance in life.

The Guardians of Peace is available on Xbox and Apple App Store. It’s a one-time cost- not a subscription service, so parents don’t have to worry about your children subscribing to apps that charge them every month! Many of the proceeds are donated to drug-awareness and anti-bullying charities.