Holiday Entertaining Hacks with Ceci Carmichael

The holiday season is a special time of year when friends and family come together. It’s when you might host the big holiday feast.
Of course, with all of the holiday hustle and bustle the holidays can also be very stressful time of year.

Culinary expert and TV host Ceci Carmichael shares some simple but effect holiday life hacks to help people avoid some of the stress and enjoy themselves. Carmichael has some timely strategies and techniques to help people manage their holiday activities in more efficient ways. This is the true definition of a holiday hack!

GOURMET SNACKING – Making tasty finger foods your guests will love
BEVERAGE BEST—Affordable ways to serve your guests
EASY CLEAN UP—Quicker cleanup leaves more time for socializing
FUN DESERTS—Time saving desserts you can call your own