Holiday Scents with Kika Rocha

The holiday shopping season can be daunting, especially when you have so many people on your list and so little time to shop. This year, stick to a gifting motif, and give everyone a scent-themed gift that reminds you of the special moments you’ve shared!

Kika Rocha shares her favorite scents that capture the holiday season.

• For Mom or Dad: Think of mornings growing up, with dad shaving in the mirror before work, mom spraying a spritz of perfume before leaving the house, or the aroma of coffee in the kitchen.
• For a Brother or Sister: Do you have an adventurous brother who loves nature? Or a sister who you spent hours with walking in the countryside? Use your favorite memories of your siblings to find a scent that captures that close bond.
• For a Friend: Traveling can be a source of inspiration. From the wine you drank in Barcelona to the chilly walks you took through London, travel experiences are rich with scent-filled memories.