KODAK Memory Saver USB Flash Drive

We take a lot of pictures during summer vacation, but how many of us take time to save them? Joining us today is celebrity lifestyle journalist Emily L. Foley—here with some cool tips to help save those special summer-time memories!

Emily, thank you for being here!

So, Emily, what can we do to protect and back up those summer vacation photos? — And of course make room for more pictures we’ll be taking even more pix during the holiday seasons.

Emily: Good question and perfect timing! Today people are taking more photos with their phones than any other device. So, if you are like me you are constantly running out of space on your phone. I have the solution to back up images on your phone and make room for more. It’s from Kodak Moments and it’s called the KODAK Memory Saver USB Flash Drive. This little USB is powerful because it has 16GB of space, which means it can store over 5-thousand pictures and up to 4 hours of video. It’s a great alternative to Cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about it costing more money or forgetting your password.

It is great, as a busy mom, I’m always forgetting my passwords and running out of space on my phone, I really need one of those. Where can we get it?

Emily: It’s available at your local CVS store. You’ll use the Kodak Picture Kiosk to transfer your images to the Memory Saver USB. It’s quick and easy to follow the on-screen instructions to ensure your precious memories are backed up and stored safely. Also, at the Kodak Picture Kiosk you can save images from other sources like your digital camera and scanned prints in addition to your phone. After backing up your images, you can use the Memory Saver USB at the Kodak Picture Kiosk to the print all those great memories from summer vacations to relive those magical moments. Pictures make great gifts that family and friends will cherish for years–perfect for the holidays.

How easy! Can I access my images from the memory saver at on home computer?

Emily: Absolutely, with the Memory Saver USB you just plug it in to your computer and you can access your images. Not only that, but you can back up additional images from your computer at home. It’s safe, secure and portable.

Well, there you have it. Stop by your local CVS store for the Kodak Memory Saver USB.