Kodak Moments at CVS with Emily Foley

CVS has expanded its photo printing capabilities and introduced several new personalized photo products, include height charts and banners. They are printed on high quality Kodak Moments paper that you can write on with a pen. It’s water resistant, durable and won’t fade. For the month of September these are 50% off the usual $9.99. They are available in 8×36, can be printed in minutes in store at a Kodak Picture Kiosk, or created online at cvsphoto.com and picked up same day at a nearby store.

Height Charts:
With height charts, you can track your child’s growth on a chart that features photos of them and/or personalized text.
Height charts are available in many different designs – whether you have a princess or a spaceman
A lot of parents mark height on a wall, but what happens if you move or want to change your wall color. These height charts are movable and can truly be a keepsake.
Think ahead about gift giving for the height charts – nieces, nephews, your children, your friends’ children. Many designs can be personalized with text only if you don’t have pictures.

Make every event and occasion more special with personalized photo banners featuring the guest(s) of honor.
Banner designs include: birthday – juvenile and adult, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, baby announcements, graduation, retirement, and sports
Similar to height charts you can include pictures and text.