May is Better Hearing & Speech Month


The average person waits nearly seven years from the onset of hearing loss until they seek help. Not only does this delay enjoyment of better hearing, but it also exposes them to a variety of health risks and challenges in their everyday lives. Nearly 48 million people are affected by hearing loss in the U.S. today. People are exposed to dangerous noise levels at work or during leisure activities. In fact, 30 million U.S. workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels. With 60 percent of the people with hearing loss either in the work force or in educational settings they need amplification so they can actively participate in the workplace.

Meet one of those 30 million people – Los Angeles resident, Harvey Patterson. Harvey had a lifelong love of all things mechanical working as a machine tool designer and enjoying a hobby as a Nascar pit mechanic. When work-related diminished hearing caused him to misunderstand his grandson, leading Harvey to miss an important cross-country meet, he knew he had to act. The tools have existed for years to address Harvey’s hearing loss—he just waited too long.

Did you know?
· Eighty percent of all hearing loss is caused by dysfunctions of, or damage to, the inner ear, also known as sensorineural hearing loss.
· No two cases of hearing loss are the same. Most often people with hearing loss are unable to distinguish soft tones and high-pitched sounds, and have difficulties hearing whispers, children’s voices, or birdsong.
· Hearing loss interferes with your life in many ways you might not realize and can cause: decreased attention, diminished memory, an unwillingness to embrace the unknown, and a decline in job performance.
In this interview, you’ll get to meet Harvey and hear his story firsthand. He’ll be joined by audiologist, Dr. Eric Branda who will educate viewers on hearing loss – everything from early warning signs to available treatments.

Courtesy: Signia

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