Nintendo Wins Vermont Dairy Farmer Challenge in Cow-Milking Competition!

1-2-Switch for Nintendo Switch is a collection of fun games, including a hilarious cow-milking game. A Vermont dairy farm heard about the game and challenged Nintendo to learn how to milk a real cow. And to top it off …have a showdown on 1-2 Switch’s MILK game right on the farm ..well the results are in..and no crying over spilled Milk here.

Determined to prove that milking a cow in real life is harder than in 1-2 Switch, a dairy from Billings Farm & Museum in Vermont challenged Nintendo to a head-to-head battle to see whose cow-milking skills would come out on top. After two heated rounds of Milk, the exciting new game on 1-2 Switch, the team from Nintendo were victorious, marking a victory for gamers everywhere.

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