Imagine if you could play your favorite video game in real life.

Castrol EDGE brought the new Need for Speed Payback video game to life on a real, live, closed desert course.

The challenge pitted Monster drift driver, Luke Woodham, and Need for Speed influencer, Theo Thomas, against each other for a race in course. However, their only visibility was from a camera attached to the top of their car, simulating the view gamers see in the new Need for Speed Payback video game. With all the car windows blacked out, Theo and Luke had to rely on instinctive driving and gaming skills to make it through the real-life course, which was based on the fictional Liberty Desert in Need for Speed Payback.

Theo and Luke will discuss:
● Their experience racing blindly and who was the better driver.
● Their involvement in the Castrol EDGE tournament at the PAX East gaming convention beginning in Boston on April 5-8.
● What it’s like being a professional gamer and the increase in popularity for gaming AND/OR the ins and outs of a career as a drift racer.

Interview source: Castrol

Theo Thomas, known on YouTube as BlackPanthaa, is a British YouTuber with over 600K subscribers and 127.3 million video views. He is most popularly known for his Gaming and Vlogging videos which involve cars and racing games.

Luke Woodham is a 29-year-old full time mechanic, turned pro drift racer. In just four years, Luke’s talent behind the wheel has taken him from relative obscurity to scoring multiple titles in the Gymkhana GRiD European Gauntlet Series, as well as podiums in the British Drift Championship. He races in a car he cut, welded, painted and prepared in his own backyard.

About Need for Speed Playback
Need for Speed Playback is an innovative program unlike anything else that uses gaming technology to illustrate the realities of the road. Players can use the third person above-car viewing angle to drive in-game.

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