Honest Tea, The Maker Of The Nation’s Top-Selling Organic Bottled Teas And Organic Kids’ Juice Drinks Went To 15 Major Cities Across The Nation This Summer To Find Out Just How Honest Americans Are When Put To The Test!

Honest Tea Conducts This Lighthearted Social Experiment Annually And The Results Have Been Very Interesting So Far. They Call It The National Honesty Index. Unmanned Pop-Ups Stocked With Bottled Honest Tea® Beverages Were Offered In Exchange For Honesty. You Pay With Honesty, You Get Honest Tea®. Participants Visiting These Pop-Ups In Major Cities Around The Country…Had The Chance To Submit A Refreshinglyhonest “Moment” As Currency For A Bottle Of Honest Tea. For Each Moment Submitted At The Pop-Ups Or On Social Media, Honest Tea Donated $1 To Visionspring, An Organization Which Provides Vision Screenings And Eye Glasses To Underserved Communities Worldwide.

Here Are Some Highlights From Across The Nation:

San Diego Is The Most Honest City

You Might Be Surprised To Hear That Men Are Slightly More Honest Than Women (79% Vs 74%)

When It Comes To Hair Color, Redheads Were The Most Honest (92%)

When It Comes To Relationships And Cuddling, 1 In 3 People Prefer Their Pet Over Their Significant Other”

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