Spring Break Escape Stephanie Oswald

After a cold and dark winter, it’s safe to say that many Americans are longing for a spring break escape. Whether you’re a beach person or a road tripper, there is no better time than the spring to make that getaway. Travel expert, Stephanie Oswald is ready to help! She shares her insider tips on how to make preparing for your spring break escape a breeze.

Some of Stephanie’s tips include:

GET ORGANIZED: Planning a fun and successful trip means setting a budget, researching, and booking early! There are plenty of great vacation packages available that are sure to suit your needs and your budget.
UPGRADE: Looking for a new ride before hitting the open road? Consider all your options and choose the vehicle that will best fit you or your family’s needs.
ROAD TRIP PREP: Give your tires a thorough check-up to make sure they are up for the challenge of a road trip. Make sure they aren’t worn out and check the tire pressure before heading out.