Practical household tips for a relaxing, calm and cool home

Summer is here, and temperatures are on the rise. While some may escape to the beach or the pool, many summer hours are spent indoors. With heat conditions, humidity and typical summer storms, your viewers will want to plan for calm and cool conditions. Consumer expert Trae Bodge is on hand and available to show/tell/demo the coolest products to keep viewers comfortable during summer months.

From keeping appliances intact, getting a good night’s sleep and even keeping your pets calm during those summer storms, Trae will show/tell and demo:

Appliance Maintenance – Summer conditions can wreak havoc on major appliances. And the last thing anyone needs is for their air conditioning to conk out during a heat wave. Trae will discuss tips to keep major household systems and appliances in tact
Serious Sleep – Trae will offer tips for the ultimate “cool” summer sleeping experience
Keep the Calm – Trae will discuss tips to help the four-legged members of the family make it through the “ruff” summer months of anxiety producing thunderstorms, fireworks and more.

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