Superhero Day with ARROW Co-Star Katie Cassidy

To celebrate National Superhero Day (April 28) and instill financial confidence nationwide, Capital One is partnering with Katie Cassidy, who currently co-stars in CW’s ARROW and has a new movie coming out. With Cassidy’s hero credentials, it’s easy to see why this amazing actress is the perfect Superhero to introduce the public to Capital One Cafés, a new experience designed to give people confidence in their relationship with money. The in-Café experience is a four-paged interactive comic of high-tech posters. Using this imaginative and conversational style of traditional comics, the new Financial Superpower experience creates a stress-free way for consumers to talk about their money. According to a new survey from Capital One, 76% of Americans sense fear and dread when it comes to dealing with their finances and 99% of respondents are battling some sort for financial struggle right now, whether that’s paying off credit card debt or rent and mortgage. That’s why it’s time for this Superhero to come the rescue.

POSTER #1–The Superhero that best represents their financial strength, like: The Balance Optimist, Captain Cautious or Mellow Maven
POSTER #2–Villains like Mistress of Fear or The Impulsinator
POSTER #3– Financial battles like mortgage payments or college debt
POSTER #4– The quest examines financial goals such as buying a car, getting married, home down payment, paying for education, travel or retirement.

Courtesy: Capital One

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