Carrie Barrett, Chief Romance Officer for Couples Resorts, shares some of the 10 things happy couples do throughout the year!

10 things happy couples do every day:

1. They wake up, appreciative of their relationship.
2. They communicate well and share their daily ups and downs, tackling tough issues and celebrating the wins as one.
3. They are affectionate, sharing hugs and kisses of positive affirmation throughout the day.
4. They are selfless, finding at least one way a day to help the other person.
5. They are thankful for one another.
6. They find ways to acknowledge and appreciate the other person throughout the day. Whether a note left in a lunchbox or random text message, they let the other know they are thinking of them.
7. They are respectful of time and energy of each other and know when to ask questions or give opinions, and when a simple hug or smile is better.
8. They do a shared activity together. Whether hitting the gym in the morning or unwinding with a favorite TV show in the evening, they create shared experiences with one another.
9. They never go to bed angry.
10. They dream about the future and plans for upcoming life events, vacations or anniversaries. They find reasons to celebrate life day in and day out

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