Visit Puerto Rico

Travel agents from across the world were asked about the latest travel trends. Sun-and-sand trips are among the most popular trips to-date, and we are not surprised that beach resort stays tops the list of family travel trends.

Beautiful weather is considered essential to a perfect vacation for three-quarters (76%) of consumers, per a recent survey conducted by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC). And there’s no better place for year-round beautiful weather than the Caribbean. Epecially Puerto Rico since no passport is required for U.S. citizens – a valid ID is more than enough. Good weather and no travel hassle? We’ll take it!

New cultural experiences, including trying new cuisines (56%), experiencing a different culture (51%), and learning about the history of a destination (51%), also rank high among vacation must-haves. This really reinforces the mentality that investing in authentic experiences brings a lot more happiness and fulfillment than material items.

What some don’t realize is that the best way for travelers to support a destination like Puerto Rico is by continuing to visit – stay at hotels, eat at restaurants, buy from local businesses and partake in Island activities. Puerto Rico is encouraging tourists to check out the amazing progress they have achieved 8 months after Maria. Tourism contributes 10% to Puerto Rico’s GDP, making it a powerful tool for development, with ample capacity to transform the Puerto Rican economy in the short term. It is also an industry that generates direct and indirect jobs, with a multiplier effect in other segments of the economy.

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