Healthy Vision & Skin Cancer Awareness Month

With summer here, it’s important for everyone to understand the daily dangers of sun exposure – particularly to the eyes and skin around the eyes. Let two of the top doctors in the nation debunk some of the biggest myths about sun protection and provide tips on how people can shield themselves this summer from the sun’s harmful rays.

Zeiss Vision & MDSolar Sciences have teamed with Opthalmologist Marc S. Werner, MD. & Dermatologist Gail Mautner, MD. to share critical info.

Did you know the darkness of a sunglass lens has nothing to do with its level of UV protection? In fact, darker eyeglasses that lack proper UV protection can cause more harm than benefit by triggering the pupil to enlarge, allowing UV light to directly enter the eye.

Clouds block as little as 20% of UV rays—so even on an overcast day people absorb up to 80% percent of the sun’s harsh effects
Dark lenses have nothing to do with UV protection as darkness is for comfort
Daily use of sunscreen, at least SPF 30, that is clean, safe and oxybenzone and octinoxate free