Hurricane and Severe Weather Preparation from USAA

Weather expert Jim Clifford of USAA shares important information and timely tips for planning for severe weather from the National Tropical Weather Conference.

From devastating hurricanes to killer tornadoes, it seems severe weather events are increasing each year. That’s why this year’s National Tropical Weather Conference, the nation’s forum for professional training in hurricane preparedness for media and business, is more important than ever! The two-day conference covers all major aspects of hurricane preparedness, providing a unique opportunity to learn from top experts in tropical meteorology.

The setting for the conference is along the beach of South Padre Island, Texas the site of several hurricane landfalls including Beulah and Dolly.

PLANNING PREP: Knowing your evacuation routes and preparing your home for a storm
EMERGENCY KIT: Learn the must-have tools and non-perishable to keep on hand
INVENTORY: Why it’s crucial to make a complete list of everything you own before the storm
INSURANCE: Review all policies and reach out to a professional to make sure you’re covered