Doctor Approved Facts And Tips For New Moms And Babies & The Importance Of Healthy Habits For Growing Families

It’s no surprise that being a new mom can be challenging. Your time and energy are put towards hectic schedules, escalating costs of raising an infant and making sure you’re caring for your little one properly. Pregnancy is a crucial time to start taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Maintaining healthy habits for both mommy and baby is essential once your little one has arrived as well. Loving your baby is easy, but creating and maintaining healthy habits requires a little more effort.

Dr. Keri Peterson has dedicated her life to helping families stay healthy. Dr. Peterson will share her best health tips for both pregnant mommies and newborn babies.

Some of Keri’s tips will include:
Proper nutrition: Good child nutrition drives brain and body development. Ensure your baby is receiving all the vitamins and nutrients required as they grow.
Playtime: Babies need opportunities to move, explore and play. Set aside time for play each day to keep them active.
Healthy habits: Keeping your immune system strong after having a baby is important. Eating foods high in protein like eggs, or rich in antioxidants like berries, or, can prevent illness.
Catch some Z’s: Being a mom brings joy but it can also cause stress. Be sure to get enough sleep- it will help reduce stress, boost your mood and keep you healthy.

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